You Can't Get There From Here


To date F.R.E.E. has slanted our focus towards younger refugee youth for whom a grade school education in a private school environment with encouragement to advance into college, but that path is not the proper path for those who are somewhat older.

Imagine the frustration of being told "You can't get there from here!", but that is the situation so many refugee youth find themselves in. Many arrived here in their early teens without English language skills and find it exceedingly difficult to learn a new language. Without needed language skills they become frustrated and bored in the public school system in Clarkston and soon fall by the wayside. Unprepared for entry level jobs such as working in the fast food industry employment opportunities are extremely limited which fosters an unhealthy situation of too many idle hours as individuals with idle hours are seen as a prime target for gang recruitment. We at F.R.E.E. are doing something about this situation.

With your help,  we would like to provide a way forward for these at risk refugee youth. F.R.E.E. is launching an "Earn While You Learn" job training program. Specifically F.R.E.E. has arranged contact with a few businesses where one of our board members (a retired police captain) can teach a group of refugee youth practical job skills and help them advance into small businesses of their own. For example today the first group pictured here is at a nursing home learning how to use lawn and yard care power equipment and how to cleanup and maintain the landscaping environment. They worked hard today and earned not only some cash, but perhaps more importantly they earned some valuable self worth and are on the road to learning good work ethic.

We are seeking your financial help for the purchase of gas, lawn tools, gloves, waste bags, mower, etc. to provide a way forward for these youth and show them that... "There indeed is a way to get there from here."

Kindly visit to make a modest donation and save a life and perhaps a soul.  Alternately checks payable to F.R.E.E. may be mailed to...


2100 Riverside Parkway / Suite 119 B186 / Lawrenceville, GA 30043