Our Team


Kelli Czaykowsky, Executive Director & Founder

“I saw the kids living in gang- and drug-riddled neighborhoods. They slept on the floors of run-down apartments infested with rats and roaches. The burden on my heart was so great, I had to do something.”

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Allen Clark, Photographer & Urban Community Liaison

“My favorite part is the kids- I just love interacting with them and seeing them come running to greet me.”


Jhea Johnson Student missionary 2019-2020 school year

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Justin Yang, Urban Community OutReach Director

“I am always super inspired and encouraged by the ongoing dedication and passion of our student missionaries and volunteers for the refugee families.”

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Naomi Tjirimuje

Outreach Center Coordinator


Melissa Young, Marketing & Philanthropy

“After working with these kids as a teacher for two years, I knew I wanted to serve the refugee community full time.”